Boost your sales by creating geo-retargeted ads that Increase the number of your returned customers.

Are you missing out on the opportunity to have deep insights about your customers’ experience in your stores? We can offer you that and more! Instantly understand your customers and retain them back using location-based ads.

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Did you know that an increase of customer retention rate by 5% increases profits by 25-95%?

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What we offer?


Customers Analytics

Have you ever wondered what your customer lifetime value is? Let us help you understand your customers better. In the future, you can tailor your offers according to your customers’ behavior and their buying power.



Selling to an existing customer is 2.5-4.5x better than trying to attract a new prospect. Let us help you retarget your customers through multiple channels.


Store Geofencing

Have you ever wanted to know how many times your previous customers might be passing by your stores while they are on their way to buy something you sell? Through our geofencing technology, you can let your store communicate with your customers.


Store Analytics

Ever knew your offline customers churn rate? To solve a problem you need to understand what is causing it, without analytics platform we can answer your questions on behalf of your store.


Offline Store Kit

Banners and flyers along with dashboard to feed you offers and let your store talk to the users.


Store Control

Start to control how your store will communicate with your customers.



retargeting options



acquisition budget savings



increase in profits



increased retention rate

Why would you use Pinoffer

Easily retarget your customers
Target them with offers on the spot

To retain your existing customers you need to keep a good relation with them, you need to make it all about them, show them that you care and know who they are. We at Pinoffer will help you to re-engage your customers, and gave you a deeper insights on what drives them to purchase.

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How can we help your business?

Facebook Ads

Start retargeting your visitors on Facebook

Do you know that using our technology you can retarget your visitors on Facebook

Google Ads

Start retargeting your visitors on Google and other websites that uses google ads

Do you know that using our technology you can retarget your visitors on Google products like youtube or adsense?

Physical store analytics

Get your own stores metrics

Track your store analytics and know more about your visitors interests, your store metrics like store churn rate and retention

pinoffer push notification

Re-target your users using push notification

Retarget your users using Push notification and return them back to your store by sending your offers to them

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